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 Lake Mackenzie



General Lake Information

Mackenzie Municipal Water Authority was created by an Act of the Texas Legislature in 1965. 

The purpose of the Authority is to furnish water to the municipalities  of Floydada, Lockney, Silverton, and Tulia.  Seventy miles of pipelines serve the water to the four cities. 

The Water Treatment Plant is located on the south side of the lake.

All facilities, including land, dam, Water Treatment Plant, pipelines, and pump stations were financed by the four cities and the taxpayers of each city.

  • Drainage area of the lake is 188 square miles
  • Elevation of the river bed is 2,950 feet
  • Reservoir capacity is 45,500 acre feet
  • Reservoir capacity at the Emergency Spillway is 56,600 acre feet
  • Length of the top of the dam is 2,300 feet
  • Surface acres of the lake is 896 acres
  • Surface acres at the Emergency Spillway if 1,144 acres
  • Elevation at the top of the dam is 3,126 feet
  • Lake Level Link (Bottom of Lake elevation is 2,950)
  • Mackenzie Municipal Water Authority owns 2,386 acres
  • Bid opening for the construction of the dam was June, 1972
  • Dam construction finished August 1974
  • Lake opened to the public May 1976


A look from the dam towards the northwest.